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Mouse Pad Styles
VYNEX® - Your standard, quality hard surface mouse pad. Some products are so well received they become a timeless standard. Our Vynex® surface mouse pad is one of them. Vynex® hard surface mouse pads present your image in brilliant detail and protect your promotional message under a durable surface creating impressive, long-lasting promotions.

Origin'L Fabric™ - Back to basics with fabric pads. What "Basic Black" is to fashion, Origin'L Fabric™ is to mouse pads – a reliable performer good for any occasion. With Origin'L Fabric™, your promotion is "dressed for success".

SoftTouch® - It's plush – some call it luxurious. If you have ever picked up a fresh, ripe peach or curled up by the fire in flannel pajamas then you're already familiar with the SoftTouch® surface sensation. For a luxurious feel, SoftTouch's irresistibly plush surface demands attention and creates unforgettable promotions.

Barely There™ - Thin, economical hard surface. Great for mailable promotions or projects on a lean budget, Barely There™ is lightweight and economical, yet still delivers the big impact your promotional message requires.

Slide-Thru™ Pocket mouse pads - Creativity is key with our pocket-style pad. This is our most versatile window/photo mouse pad yet. It offers the most flexibility in window size & shape, window placement, and even allows multiple windows. So, get creative and build a personal promotion your customers will enjoy and use.

See-Thru™ Lift-top mouse pads - Make room for success! The See-Thru™ lift-top mouse pad offers the most personal space of any of our window style pads. There is ample room to slide calendars, references, keepsakes, schedules, reminders, pictures, lists or any other useful information under the durable lift-top cover – all displayed beneath your special message.

Frame-It™ Window mouse pads - A Window of Opportunity. Whether it's a picture of a loved one, or some important information, the Frame-It™ window mouse pad encourages users to personalize your mouse pad promotion. This added personal touch turns your promotion into a keepsake giving your messagethe opportunity to be seen for a long time.

Frame-It™ Plus Window mouse pads - Something's in the Window. Get all the promotional impact of a window mouse pad plus something in the window. The unique construction of Frame-It™ Plus allows you to print all of the image area, including the window.

Blank Stock Window & Lift-top mouse pads - In a Hurry? Whether you are faced with a tight deadline or just want something simple, our stock Frame-It Window/Photo Mouse Pads and See-Thru Lift-top Mouse Pads are the answer.

MousePaper™ Note Paper mouse pads - Double Exposure. Capture prime desktop advertising space with a mouse pad that doubles as a note pad. Your marketing message is printed on each sheet, giving you the full promotional exposure of both a mouse pad and a note pad.

MousePaper™ Calendars Note Paper mouse pad calendars - Triple Value Promotion. MousePaper™ Calendars combine the promotional benefits of a calendar, note paper, and a mouse pad creating an effective multifunctional desktop tool. 

Lenticular 3-D, Motion & Morph mouse pads - The 'WOW' Factor! Increase the 'WOW' Factor of any promotion by literally adding another dimension. Promote multiple messages in the same space, grab attention with changing images or motion, draw viewers into your message with realistic 3-D. Clients will be mesmerized as your message comes to life through these lenticular processes increasing the impact of your promotional message.

Window Lenticular 3-D & Flip Window mouse pads - More 'WOW'! What do you get when you combine Lenticular 'WOW' with the personalization feature of a Slide-Thru™? Our NEW Lenticular Slide-Thru™ Pocket Mouse Pad! Flip from a full pad image to a clear window or add 3-D elements that seem to float over the window to create a promotional keepsake your customers will use for a long time.

Graphic Flow® combo mouse pads - Seamless Promotional Presentation. Graphics and messages "flow" across this single piece mouse pad and wrist support combination for a colorful, powerful promotional presentation.

Calculator mouse pads - Shapely Impressions Add Impact. Enhance virtually any shape of mouse pad with a GO+FIGURE® calculator creating a valuable "dual-function" promotion. And traditional tray calculators add up to a great promotion no matter how you figure it.

Coasters - Everyone's Thirsty! What is almost as common on a desk as a computer? A drink – water, coffee & soda, that is! Take full advantage of this promotional opportunity with our colorful coasters that really show off your logo and marketing message. Create a personal coaster promotion by adding a business card or small photo window to a Slide-Thru™ Coaster. Great for catered events and business meetings.

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